The current price of an Alex Eroadster is €64,950.  Cars will go on sale in 2019

The customer must pay a deposit in order to reserve a new Spika Car.

This deposit however can be paid as a 10%, 25% or 50% initial deposit or pre-order amount.  To firm up the order the remainder (making up €1,000) will be payable 3 months from the date of first payment of portion deposit.  If this due amount is not paid within 3 months and 10 days to bring total paid to €1,000, the order will be deemed null and void.  No refunds are payable and the customer will then lose their place on the order list.  

By placing an order we assume you have read the Terms and Conditions

Colours (More may be added given here as hex codes)  Two Tone colour options also available.

Red - what is known as Ferarri Red #FF2800 (Matt/Gloss)

Blue - French Racing Blue #318CE7 (Matt/Gloss)

Green - British Racing Green #004225 (Matt/Gloss)

Yellow - Deep Yellow #FFCC00 (Matt/Gloss)

White - #FFFFFF (Matt/Gloss)

Grey - #808080 (Matt/Gloss)

Black - Carbon #000000 (Matt/Gloss)


Pay Spika Deposit
Enter Colour Choice/s



Extra charges apply where the customer has special requirements not covered by the general specification document.  Deposit payable to secure manufacture and to be treated as a booked and firm order is €1,000. 

When the car is being manufactured the customer will be contacted to discuss specifications and final payment will be required to have cleared the supplier’s (Fintos Electric Cars) bank prior to delivery of the product.