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We at Fintos Electric Cars are committed to developing new technologies and exploring the boundaries of modern science and engineering.  We are not a car manufacturer in the traditional sense and we are certainly not making a traditional car.  Our aim has been to re-invent the car from the bottom up.  

The Alex Eroadster Project is a move into transport of the future using ground breaking developing technologies.  It not only looks years ahead but it also has the technology to match. 




The Alex Eroadster project is currently working with Icomp, which is the University of Limerick's Institute for Composite Research on elements of the chassis.  


The Centre for Renewable for Renewable and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) in the IT Sligo is helping in the development of a revolutionary new energy harvesting system to help increase the range of the car.

From intelligent energy recovery systems, autonomous driving, cutting edge battery chemistries, lightweighting technologies - this car has it all.